We are workers, only a small part of all of those who are regularly beaten, on every aspect of our lives, due to the need of continuance of the bosses’ profitability. Today, on the 7th of March, 2015,, we occupy an abandoned house on 5th Kouremenou street. This choice of ours is a need and a desire at the same time. A need to house ourselves, against the constant blackmailing of the home loans or rents, and a desire to create as many as possible live political cells in the tissue of Ioannina city.

Our intention is not to become possessors. On the contrary, by being hostile against the institution of property, the womb of theft, we premise the use of empty houses, without the mediation of the state or the local landlords.

We didn’t wait for any kind of hope, we will not beg for any housing benefit. The bankers continue to prepare themselves for a foreclosure invasion of the primary residences, while rents and bills keep exhausting, at least, 50% of the minimum wage, and empty houses keep being destructed. Against each regulator of greek capitalism, each administrator of the state, the political act of squatting de-commercializes the residency, unleashes time and energy from workers’ lives, creates solidarity bonds, between people themselves, who chose a more communal life, but also in the neighbourhood, which is a field of diffusion of our ideas and our practices.

Self- organization of the struggles, self-management of our needs, the everyday life that is constantly under the imposition of power, are not simply beatifully written words on paper, but they leave the ground, when we take our lives into our own hands, when we solve our problems by ourselves and when this proceedure turns into a weapon on the hands of those who struggle.

In case you didn’t get it – We are gonna get it all

Acta et Verba squat


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